23 Jan

There are the sweet, amazing, sublime summer weddings and then you have the charming winter ones.  There’s a special place in my heart for these ceremonies. Symbolic weddings are becoming more and more popular in Greece mainly because of the destination wedding boom that has been arising for the past 4 years. Respectively winter destination weddings are growing and it’s a treat for me to drive to Meteora, Evia or Thessaloniki and officiate. It’s a pause, a happy one into the period leading up to the summer season. I cherish my family, studying, arrange video calls, write ceremonies and then the pause button is pressed and I am there. I am there for the rainbows after the rain trying to arrange the chairs in order to have an outdoors ceremony before it starts raining again. I'm there having two year old Lila on my lap as her parents exchange vows; outside it's heavily raining but in the grand hotel's foyer it's sunny from all the love glow a handful of people radiate. I am there for the mid November sunset elopement reminding my beautiful couple, that has traveled all the way from New Zealand, all that led to this glorious day. As I step away to let them have their moment and read their vows I look over the canyon thinking to myself, “You did well when you took that risk 7 years ago”. I knew I wanted to be a celebrant and I made it happen. I feel blessed.  Being a celebrant in Greece officiating wedding ceremonies is my happy place. So, here’s to the winter ceremonies!

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