23 Nov

I’m Michaella and I am a Greek celebrant. My brand name is Celebrant Greece. I officiate symbolic wedding ceremonies in Greece in English, Greek or both for the last -full of magic and love- 7 years. I used to be a performer in London, I then became a stage manager and now I am a writer and a celebrant. I feel blessed because this is a stage in my life that I love what I am doing and feel proud of all I have accomplished. I love being a celebrant because in all honesty I’m there for the sweet part of the wedding! It’s all love, laughter and tears of joy and I’m there to make sure everyone is present and really enjoying the ceremony. I am a mum of two extraordinary children, Ody and Orestes and my rock is my partner Panos. I hibernate in Volos city. During summer my work base is Athens and I of course travel all around Greece in order to celebrate my couples! There are weeks that I work non-stop. One day I might be in Kardamyli, Peloponnese peninsula and the next on Ios island and right after in Chania, Crete and so on. I rarely get tired because I am thrilled to finally meet my couples in person! Even though it might be a day trip I always have the time to buy a souvenir (I have 5 Santorini souvenir magnets) and bring back home stories and a toy or two. I have my LV (Love Van) traveling around the mainland and I get excited every time I have a flight or a boat trip. During winter months there are significantly less wedding ceremonies in Greece and I have the luxury to go off grid, meaning no social media; it’s my burn out season. I focus on my family and meeting new couples. So, this is me and my life as a Greek celebrant.

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