Rituals are the spine of any ceremony as they are the gestures of your union.  Your options are honestly countless! Lots of couples often choose to incorporate traditions coming form their cultures and I always encourage them to do so.

Here are some examples of what you could include in your ceremony. Have in mind that I always refer to every ritual's symbolism.

Well, the most popular ritual globally is the exchange of rings. Old almost as humankind's history are still reminding us the significance of your union.

Another popular choice in Greece is the "stefana"  (crowns) ritual. It's actually wreaths that your best man or maid of honor can prepare and place them on your heads and are complimentary to the ring's ritual. It's such a significant gesture that in Greece the most common wedding well-wishing for the married couple to be is "kala stefana" standing for "have a great wedding!"

Well, does that ring any bells? Yes! It works in the same way as the "tie the knot". Once again the phrase is used to announce that someone is getting married! This ritual is interwoven with the wedding ceremony and bears great significance.

Another popular option is the vow exchange. Written by the couple, read from a card, spoken by heart or going for the safe option of repeated vows, it's the ultimate way of declaring your love to your partner in front of your family and loved ones.

One of my favorite is the ring's warming. If you want the blessings of your loved ones and a reminder of the importance of their presence on your wedding day, that's the way to acknowledge it. 

Handfasting is a beautiful ritual that bears a great significance too and it's one of the most comprehensive union gesture.

Sand pouring ritual is popular usually during beach weddings and apart from the couple pouring sand from two different containers to one you can include your loved one's in the procedure.

Looking some fun? Cut-out heart race is what you're looking for. A bed sheet with a heart drawn by the couple's friends and a pair of scissors for each. A marriage starting with a race! Fun! 

There are many rituals ensuring that in the future you will remember your wedding day, the bliss, the happiness, all your friends and family. Time capsule, tree planting, the love letter are some of them.

Whatever you choose make sure it's in your comfort zone! Don't go with something that you're hesitant about as your wedding day should be carefree!