Ritual and tradition have always existed for humankind around moments that are steeped in emotion - births, coming of age, marriage, death - we use them as markers to help make sense of our feelings, highlight their importance and to articulate how we feel. This is why we still need them, even if we find ourselves living in a more secular society. We like to celebrate, we need to. So let's.

Symbolic Weddings Greece
The wedding ceremonies I write and conduct are symbolic. They are NOT civil valid. If you are interested in validating your marriage to the registry you should at some point have a civil or religious wedding.

The structure of the ceremony will be discussed between you and I and will be carefully crafted to provide you with a ceremony that speaks directly to you and your family and friends. If you are at all daunted by the prospect of being part of creating your own ceremony, please don't be. I can guide you as much or as little as you want with readings, music choices, vows, promises, and structure.

I can provide you with a traditional format for us to work from or take your unformed ideas and make them cohesive. That's part of what makes this job so rewarding.

Love Ceremonies
Every celebration and occasion can become special with a Ceremony of Love. Personal life journeys, vows renewal, occasion appropriate readings, children welcoming, whatever you have written and want it read, anything and in anyway you need it.

Unlike a civil ceremony, which can only take place in a civic registered venue, a bespoke wedding can take place anywhere. Abroad or at home, indoors or outdoors you can decide where the ceremony should take place.
Venue Possibilities : Halls - Museum’s restaurants - Homes - Backyards - Beaches -Beach bars - Forests - Restaurants-Lighthouses - Caves - Boats - Sailing boats - Abroad - Amusement parks- Theatres - Parks and traditional squares